Alfa Laval Lube Oil Purifier

We are trusted suppliers of quality centrifugal separator for Marine Diesel Oil, Biodiesel, Lubricating Oil, Distillate, Hydraulic Oil, Removes Water Sludge, from various oils. We have Alfa Laval Purifier with a Output Capacity of 500LPH-24,000LPH on Light Liquids. With Years of Experience in Sales Service of Disc Centrifuges, We offer Top Quality Equipment at Very Competitive Prices.

Mitsubishi Disc Separator

Mitsubishi Disc Separator is Biodiesel Purification Solid Liquid Separation, Oil Water Separation Solid Matter Removal in Oil Water Base Coolants, Purification of Effluent Waste Oil in Various Industry, Removal of Contaminants from Generator fuel lubricating Oil, Removal of Contaminants from Quenching Oil, Cutting Fluid Other Working Fluid, Centrifugal Separator, Self Ejector, Disc separator, and Self discharge.

Westfalia Solid Bowl Centrifuge

Westfalia Centrifuges are ready with a Self Cleaning Disc Type Bowl, They are Working for Clarification Purification in Fuel Oil Lube Oil Management Plants. Oil is Convey to the Centrifuge by means of a Separate Pump. Supply is via a Closed Line Method. Clean Oil is discharged under force by means of a Centripetal Pump. Centrifuges work without Regulating Rings.


We are Worldwide Recognized as the Leading Stockiest Exporters of Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia Oil Purifier. We have been Regularly Exporting to Worldwide Reconditioned, Ship-Owners, Industries, Power Offshore Installations, and Bio-diesel/WVO Manufacturers. Our Superior Quality Products, on Time Delivery Schedules and Industry Leading Prices have enabled us to earn a Worldwide Recognition in a Very Limited Time Period. These Comprise Alfa Laval and Further Industrial Separators for Coolant Recycling, Metalworking Fluid Cleaning, Lube Oil Purification, Oilfield Drilling Mud, Grinding Fluid Filtration, Optical Lens Grinding Fluid Filtration, Waste Oil Recycling, Wash Fluid Filtration and Recovery.