Reconditioned Westfalia OSD 6

Reconditioned Westfalia OSD 6

Reconditioned Westfalia OSD 6 Oil Purifier Separator Centrifuge

For Sale Westfalia OSD 6 | OSD 6 | Westfalia OSD 6 Centrifuge | Westfalia OSD 6 Oil Purifier | Westfalia OSD 6 Separator

We can offer Westfalia OSD 6 Recondition Oil Separators Purifier Centrifuge.

Westfalia Centrifuge Oil Purifier OSD 6, The device can be used for filter Liquid Solid Purification or as a Clarifier Liquid Solid Method, We have Truthfully Refurbish Equipment with a Ability of 500lph to 6000lph,Physical Clean and Automatic Self Cleaning Liquid or Liquid Solids Centrifugal Separator High Velocity Disk Bowl Centrifuges are Perfect for Application such as Separations Relating Biodiesel Fuel, Glycerin & Biodiesel, Wash Water, Magnesia, Mineral Oil, Metalworking Fluid, Coolant Tramp Oil, & Water and Waste Oils.

How High-Speed Disk Bowl Centrifuges Work High Speed Disk Bowl Centrifuges appear in manual clean and automatic clean models,

Westfalia Oil Separator, Industrial Centrifuge, HFO Purifier, Waste Oil Purifier, Separation Equipment,

Offered Unit: – Fully Reconditioned & Tested.

Warranty: – Supplied with 6 month Warranty.

Product Description

Machine Function:-

Westfalia Oil Purifier, Separators, Industrial Centrifuge for removing Water and Solid Sludge from Various Contaminated Oils.

Machine can be used with various like Biodiesel Purification, Waste Oil Purifier, Engine Oil Purifier, Quench Oil, Lube Oil Purifier, and Virgin Coconut.

Electric Motor 3 Phase 380-50hz, 440-60hz, These Units are Used on Marine Ships for Purification of Mineral Oils, Engine Oils, Lubricating Oils, Furnace Oils,

Purification or Clarification of Mineral Oils used in Marine Installations and Power Stations, Fuel and Lubricating Oils.


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